Face Mask benefits
It’s surprising people in the US dont know much about paper facial masks or mask sheets. Everyone is accustomed to either homemade recipes or buying the gunky ones in store and smearing on their face. However, life is so much easier and convenient with paper facial masks. Let me introduce the many benefits and conveniences of a paper facial mask.

What is a Paper Face Mask Pack?
There are several types of face masks: creamy facial masks usually purchased in tubes or containers, peel off facial masks and paper face masks also known as mask sheets. But what about the paper based face masks?

A paper face mask is a soft piece of paper or tissue cut in the form of a mask soaked in different types of nutrients and ingredients.

There is a mask for many different types of desired skin care effects with a special ingredient for each one. e.g. there are seaweed masks, lemon, fruit or plant extracts, such as cactus, cucumber, aloe, herb, red ginseng and the list goes on.

These face mask packs can be used by both men and women. Face masks are applied after you wash your face and left on for a duration of 15-20 minutes.

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