Perhaps one of the most common fashion changes women participate in is changing their hair colour. Some women do this just for a change, others change with the fashion of the day. Today’s trends are toward easy glamour. Celebrities are sporting sleek, shiny hair with movement in the cut. Colours are icy blondes, bright reds, and cool browns. For the fashion forward woman, the reddish browns are out. The main thing, though, is to choose a hair colour that works with your skin tone, because changing your hair colour to one that clashes with your skin tones will make you look sick and old rather than dramatic and fashionable. These are some of the newest styles in hair colouring.

Double Side Colouring

The trend with this style is to choose 2 contrasting colours. You part your hair across the back of your head, from ear to ear, and dye the bottom part the darkest colour. The rest of your hair is dyed the lighter shade. Changing your hair colour this way brings light to your face, or alternately, will curl darker color next to your face for emphasis.

For a dramatic effect, try black on the bottom layer, and blonde on the top layer.

For a high contrast, less dramatic effect, go with chocolate or dark brown in the lower layer and copper or bronze on the top.

For a subtle effect, coffee shades on the bottom and honeycomb on the top will give a layered effect.

Break It Up

If you are fond of dark, dark browns, consider adding some caramel highlights to break it up. Most skin tones can’t handle the intensity of solid, rich colours. Adding some highlights will also help define your hair style, and goes with more complexions.

If you are changing your Hair Colour to a very dark colour, try mixing dark colours. Go with brown black instead of jet black. Or, add some blue black with the brown black. The blue black will intensify the brown black without adding harshness. Violet brown also looks good with caramel and pink-red foils mixed in. If done tastefully, it looks very mysterious.

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