As a parent you’re always looking for simplicity, and exercise is no different.

I employ for family fitness strategy, F.I.T. The “F” stands for Family and Fun. The “T” stands for Together. And pulling the whole thing together is the “I” in the middle. The “I” stands for incremental, itty bits or – if you want to jump on the trend in bookstores – “idiot” as in “The Idiot’s Guide to Family Fitness” (Please don’t take offense, I’m only tapping into the trend of tremendously popular how-to book titles). In other words, key to keeping fitness a part of your family life is keeping it simple.

There are a few ways to do this:

Keep Family Fitness Simple Rule #1: Bring it home

This makes the biggest difference. I don’t know about you but every trip away from home with kids in tow becomes an adventure. Not to mention the baggage. I remember bringing my daughter to work when she toddling and wishing I had a couple spare arms to help lug everything back and forth.

So don’t make an expedition unless you have to. For family fitness, home gym access can make or break your fitness success. In addition to activity together as a family, you can sneak in 15 extra minutes on the treadmill. Do intervals of intense sprints and you’ll get more out of this than a 40 minute slog (see below).

Now it may seem like a bit of an investment to purchase a treadmill, but compare it to the money you spend on gym membership. And even a treadmill or machine of some sort isn’t necessary to stay in shape. Some simple aerobic tapes and cheaper weights can set you up to do some serious training.

So invest a little in bringing some well-chosen equipment into the home.

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